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7 Movies that Teach Kids Kindness and Friendship

Sometimes, it rains and sometimes it pours - there are just days when we just need to be indoors! Your kids may be bouncing around the house, not wanting to do that particular activity that you've already prepared for them. And you just need those few moments to calm your kids down so you can have that cup of coffee.

If you're looking for some ideas for some indoor family fun, especially on those days when you are dealing with working mom guilt, or even if you are a stay at home mom looking for some sanity, or if you need a break on Mother's Day or Father's Day, here is a list of movies on kindness and friendship great for a movie night with your family.

It's no secret that having and introducing strong values in early childhood helps shape your child's life. Like many other skills, kindness can actually be taught, and what better way to teach our little ones the many ways to show kindness than through shows and movies? It's also a great way to bond with our children by watching movies together and then talking about them.


Sing is fun to watch and is likely to be enjoyed by most of the family. It's full of positive messages, great music, and beautiful animation. Some scenes might be too scary for children under 4 or 5 years, and we recommend parental guidance for children up to the age of 7 years

Charlottes Web:

A simple story about loyalty, sacrifice, and “chinning up,” Charlotte's Web has drawn tears for almost 40 years. Perhaps the most intrepid spider in literature, Charlotte uses her writing skills to save the life of Wilbur the pig. Most children above 8 years of age should be able to watch this without parental supervision.

The Land Before Time:

Though this movie does make us want to reach for the tissues, it is a classic for a reason. The Land Before Time is simply a wonderful family film that teaches children the importance of love, family, and helping each other out when times get a bit tough.


The bigger meaning might be lost on some kids, but stressing good manners, kindness, and compassion to strangers won't. This is a sweet film for young kids


Wall-E is a good film for children aged 5 and upwards. The main plot of the story is about two robots falling in love and then getting separated in the course of finding life on earth.

The Iron Giant :

The story of a nine-year-old boy, who makes friends with a massive robot that came from outer space, the Iron Giant. The robot finds its humanity by unselfishly saving people from their own fears and prejudices.

Toy Story:

We all love this classic story of friendship between Andy’s toys, especially of Woody and Buzz Lightyear. This story is incredibly watchable for kids of all ages.

Looking for something screen-less?

If you're looking for screen-free ideas instead, you can always consider these activities!

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