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ibu's Sponsors

ibu has long term relationships with some of the best learning institutions in Malaysia.
With their continued support ibu produces events, meet-ups, and provides resources and tools to support new parents.

Run entirely by volunteers, ibu relies on advertising, fundraising activities and strategic partnerships to cover operating costs and charitable contributions. Please email ibucorpsales@gmail.com for affordable rates to post your (ticketed or free) event, promotion, job vacancy, or advertisement on ibu’s social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook - fan page & The ibu Tribe forum) and website (www.ibufamily.org). Non-profit and charitable organisations are welcome to contact marketing.ibu@gmail.com to work out a co-promotional barter.

The children's house is unquestionably one of the country's leaders in early childhood education with over 30 years of track record and success stories. The children's house has earned the trust and recognition of both Malaysian and expatriate parents, and is frequently referred to as The Montessori preschool. Its mission is to nurture children into compassionate, well-balanced individuals who are confident, independent, socially adaptable, and most importantly positive, lifelong learners.


Our programmes are separated into two categories: Montessori Playgroup and Montessori Junior. The Montessori Playgroup programme is for children ages two months to two and a half years with 3 separated programmes by age groups. The Montessori Junior programme is designed for children ages 2.6 to 6 with 2 separate phases.  Each programme builds on the previous one, presenting challenges suited for the child's age and skill level.

Peter & Jane Kindergarten, founded in 1982, is a premier Montessori-based kindergarten in the city, offering children ages 2.5 to 6 the opportunity to begin their educational journey on the right foot. Our programmes include a uniquely crafted in-house thematic trilingual curriculum designed to grow youngsters into active, well-balanced learners. Each child is instilled with a life-long passion for learning by our dedicated faculty.


Over the previous 36 years, we have aided many children in their educational journeys and laid the way for future success. Today, our alumni not only inspire us by living successful lives, but also by approaching us to enrol their children in our programme. This demonstrates their unwavering confidence in us and our teaching methods.