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Bringing Children's Imagination to Life with Picture Books

Cheesemonster? A boy who ate EVERYTHING? An old lady who swallowed a pie? Teatime in space?!!

Imagination is a huge part of many picture books and these are just some of the great titles that inspire children to use their imaginations. They encourage questioning and great conversations. Be inspired to imagine new worlds and new words with your children!

An English idiom says “A Picture Paints a Thousand Words”. This is true for both adults and kids as pictures speak and have the power to hold one’s attention. Before a child learns to read words, they are already looking at pictures as they are so much easier to relate to.

Babies, toddlers and younger children believe in the magic of stories. While their retention power is at an early stage, these pictures encourage them to learn more.

The diversity these books offer — whether classics or related to animals, Disney, fairies, princesses and knights, or adventure — invites them to tell different stories every day using the same illustrations.

It doesn’t really matter if what they’re portraying makes sense as the repetition and reinforcement of these pictures help them grasp the essence of a storyline.

Imagination is vital for children’s social and cognitive development. When children embody a character, animal or person, they try out new language.

They develop an understanding that other people think differently to them. This is the cornerstone of empathy and social interaction. Picture books provide an opportunity for children to experience what it is to be that character.

While picture books seem straightforward and uncomplicated, they’re surprisingly beneficial for your child.

You might look at a picture book and think it’s little more than drawings or pictures of whimsical characters and imaginary scenarios. However, these visuals play a critical role in learning, teaching kids how to make references and develop self-awareness.

These pictures are more than illustrations to children. Open up a picture book for your child, and they instantly glow with enthusiasm. They look at the pictures almost as they would watch a movie.

They analyse a scene and without knowing how to read, tell you how the story plays out. When you read the text, they associate the words with the illustrations. The pictures allow them to follow the story and give meaning to what you are reading.

Picture books, with colourful and fun illustrations, open up our imagination and draw us in. You will be surprised at how your child is able to tell his version of the story in the world before them by just connecting these pictures.

This genre encourages children to construct their own interpretation of the story and actively participate in the reading process.

Let's excite them to think, dream and unleash their imagination in all ways possible. Check out our picture books and other collections at Thousands of titles for children ages 0 to 18 years old. Affordable reading for all!



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