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Raising Eco Warriors: 7 Tips to Encourage Environmentally Conscious Children

As a parent, I want my daughter to grow up understanding the value of caring for our planet.

My journey to raising an eco-conscious kid began when I opened a new pack of cereal and put the cardboard box aside for recycling. My daughter noticed and asked, "Mama, why are you keeping the box?"

Her question sparked a realization in me—raising an environmentally conscious child can lead to a better future for all of us. Together, we began making small eco-friendly changes at home to care for the environment.

1. Raise an Eco Warrior. Reuse Materials to Make Toys and Crafts

Rather than buying new toys, we try to use materials we already have at home. For example, we recently turned cereal boxes into a Dr. Seuss-inspired hat for a nursery homework. 

Proud moment! My daughter showing off the hat she made from a cereal box.

We learn the value of reusing items creatively while having fun with crafts. It’s also a great way to instill in our kids a sense of pride in making something new out of something old.

2. Lead by example. Refill Home Supplies at Stores

Instead of grabbing new packaged products, we opt to refill our home supplies at the store. It’s a great opportunity to chat with our daughter about making sustainable choices and reducing waste.

We bring our own containers to fill up on dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner, laundry detergent, and more at Jaya Grocer’s eco refill station. Our go-to outlet is 163 Retail Park Mont Kiara; eco refill stations are also available at Starling Mall and Plaza Jelutong.

This simple switch helps cut down on plastic waste and promotes sustainability!

For more outlets with an eco refill station, please visit Jaya Grocer

3. Shop for Preloved Items

We’re big fans of shopping for preloved items for our family. It's a great way to reduce waste and give items a second life!

Have you heard about the family-friendly preloved WhatsApp and Telegram group by IBU? It’s a wonderful platform to sell and buy preloved toys, kids' clothes, baby products and maternity items. Apart from the annual IBU Preloved Bazaar, watch out for the details for this year, to be announced soon.

4. Edicate them about nature. Start Planting

Getting our hands dirty in the garden teaches our kids about growing their own food and composting. It's rewarding for them to see their plants grow and learn where their food comes from. 

Last year, we took part in a hydroponic farming workshop at IBU Family Fun Day and came home with a set to grow our own vegetables. Our kangkung harvest in less than two months was a proud moment!

Our first harvest! My husband and daughter enjoying the fruits of their labor as they harvest kangkung we planted for the first time.

5. Create a green home. Use Veggie Scraps to Boil and Stock Up on Broth

Instead of tossing veggie scraps, we use them to make delicious homemade broth! Our daughter loves helping chop the vegetables and watch them turn into warm, flavorful stock. 

It's a great way to reduce food waste and make our meals more sustainable.

6. Incorporate sustainability. Bring Our Own Bags for Shopping

Bringing reusable bags to the store helps us avoid single-use plastic bags and reduce waste. Plus, it's easy and saves us money! 

Little helper on duty! My daughter proudly carrying her shopping bag during our weekend grocery run.

If you're like me and often forget, just keep a foldable shopping bag in your purse or backpack so you always have one with you.

7. Promote eco friendly habits. Take Public Transport Together

Whenever we can, we opt for public transportation instead of driving. This reduces our carbon footprint and helps our kids appreciate shared transportation. 

Plus, it opens up opportunities to visit cool places like KLCC Park, Titiwangsa Splash Park, and TRX City Park—great for family time outdoors!

A new adventure! My 1.5-year-old daughter taking in all the sights and sounds of her first train ride.

Raising eco warriors isn't a big task when we do it together! Small changes can make a huge impact. By learning alongside our kids about sustainability and leading by example, we're nurturing a greener future. Let's keep planting those seeds for our little eco warriors!

This post is sponsored by Jaya Grocer, the first Malaysian-based premium supermarket with the widest range of imported fresh produce and household goods on shelf.


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