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IBU Date Night (contest)

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

On Valentines Day, some go all out and fill the day with flowers, balloons and romance. For others, there are times when life gets in the way... or parenting!

We were chatting about what "romance" really mean to us now. Some said

- it is a filled petrol tank when you are late for school drop off

- the dishes all washed when you stagger bleary eyed into the kitchen in the morning

- that glass of wine that magically appears on a friday evening, while you are still struggling with the kids bath time

We realise it is not the worker elves but our significant other who quietly make our lives more comfortable. That romance is every day, it just changes shape once you are married, once the kids come along, once life takes over.... so we ask you one question (and make it into a contest with prizes to be won)

Why a Date Night contest?

We all wish for time to wear our adult hats, for time off from the kids for a little while, for some time with THE loved one together. So we made that into a contest, and we invite you all in too.

Announcing the IBU Date Night Penang contest.

Contest details

- Two lucky winners get FREE dinner voucher or a staycation worth RM200 from IBU! Go spend some time together, our only condition- make a lot of memories, take a lot of photographs (and share it with us, remember to tag IBU)


Otto pizza and more, on location

1. Dinner voucher worth RM 200 at Otto Pizza. This is an authentic Italian pizzeria in Georgetown, which offers a variety of pizzas, as well as pastas, risottos, salad and desserts!

2. Staycation room with P.66. Stepping into P.66 is to walk into loose pages of a book. A non-linear narration that invites one to discover a story within the building. With an unconventional yet seamless combination of Select Store, Diner & Recess, we invite you to experience P.66 like an observant writer, a hungry reader, or a casual explorer.

RM 200 has already been paid for the lucky winner

P.66 with the staycation above

Sounds too good to be true? Lets keep the romance alive, folks.

How to participate in the IBU Date Night Contest

1. The question of the day needs to be answered. Click here to fill in your response and your details

2. Then go back to our Instagram post and drop us a comment so we know you have filled up your form

3. Remember, in your comments please add the hashtag #IBUDateNight and tag/invite 2 friends to also participate.

For every two friends, you can leave another entry to the contest and increase your chance to win.

4. All captions, slogans, photos shared for this contest can be used by IBU Family for our marketing purposes and can be share don our public platforms like this website, Facebook or Instagram.

5. Winner will be selected by random selection on 28th February, 2023. Winners can share photos of their winning, please tag IBU Family. IBU reserves the right to share those photos on our public platforms like the website, Facebook or Instagram

This is a Penang/Georgetown contest only. Prizes to be redeemed on any evening/weekend of your choice between 1st March to 30th April 2023.

This contest is open to all, IBU members get a bonus entry into the random selection.

A big thanks to our partners involved in the #IBUDateNight

7, Lorong Seckchuan, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Dinner voucher worth RM 200 to be won

66, Lebuh Campbell, George Town, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Room for RM200 has already been paid for our winner.

Also with thanks, Seoul Fleur florists


A big congratulations to Allyson Darrell and Shu Yeen Goh. Your vouchers and flowers are on their way to you soon, we hope you will share a few pictures- so we all get to share the romance for a little while too.

Some of our top comments, which we can all relate to

We share these with you, because it is a reminder to everyone that we were a couple before we became parents. Yes, we also went aaaaawwwwww when reading the entries, so lets share the love

Our question was- why do you think you need a Date Night?

  • We need to rekindle the romance and intimacy, don't let it fire die. Reignite, Refuel, Return the Love to us!

  • We have not had any time to ourselves since our baby. Hubby is too busy saving lives and I keeping our baby alive.

  • I want to surprise him and put the spark back in our relationship!

  • Having 2 under 2, we really need a break to recharge ourselves.

  • I wish for a night of dedication where we reflect on our journey and align on life goals.

  • Some proper wining and dining (alone!) would be a wonderful alternative to what we deal with daily with 4 kids!

  • We have not been for a date night since having a kid who is 21months old. We relocated to Penang back in April 2022 and it has been a whirlwind of ups and downs. It is especially tough when it comes to having our own couple time since our family is far away and there is nobody whom we can fully trust to babysit our kid. .We've never gone out just the two of us. It was always with our kids and it has been years.

  • We need to spend time focusing on us so that we can raise our sons together better.

Still to come

- Winner photo gallery of their date night together

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