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The countdown to summer is on in Grade 1!

The end of the school year is often a period of transition with many things changing for students, especially in an international school. Students are moving up to the next grade, some are moving away and everyone is anticipating the changes that come with the end of a busy school year.

This year, ISKL’s grade 1 teachers have introduced a fun way to prepare students for this time of transition with a Grade 1 A-Z End of Year Activities Countdown. As Grade 1 teacher, Mr.MacRaild says, "We're making sure our Grade 1 students are mentally and emotionally prepared for the end of first grade in a fun and meaningful way."

ISKL’s Grade 1 teachers have planned 26 different A-Z activities from the beginning of May through the end of the school year. The activities align with the educational objectives of the Grade 1 team and are engineered to include key learning goals: numeracy, literacy and social thinking.

Students can look forward to something new every day including Catch Some Kindness Day, where they fill the day with compliments and kindness, Love the Outdoors, Use Your Best Handwriting, and Step-up to Second Grade; a day where students visit the Grade 2 classrooms and teachers in preparation for the new school year.

Year round, activities at the Elementary School embrace The Melawati Way, the Elementary School’s code of conduct: Take care of yourself, take care of others, take care of this place.

Incorporating activities that embody the tenets of the Melawati Way serves to foster learning and encourage the characteristics of cooperation, courtesy, empathy, integrity, kindness, respect and responsibility.

A to Z Activities

A - Art Day (students to enjoy an extra art activity in class)

B - Book Buddy Day (spend extra time reading with a book buddy)

C - Catch some Kindness (fill the day with compliments and kindness)

D - Dance Day

E - Extra Play Day (extended recess)

F - Friendly Friday (do something nice for a friend)

G - Game Day (learn a new game or teach a friend a game)

H - Hat Day

I - Illustration Day (students illustrate their writing)

J - Joke Day (share a joke with classmates)

K - Kick off Your Shoes Day

L - Love the Outdoors Day

M - Must Get Wet Day (students enjoy Wet ‘n Wild day)

N - No Trash Day (no food trash today)

O - Outdoor Run Day

P - Paper Airplane Day

Q - Quiet Day (students will whisper and try to be very quiet all day)

R - Reading Day (students bring a stuffed animal to read to)

S - Step-up to Second Grade

T - T-shirt Day

U - Use Your Best Handwriting Day

V - Volunteer to Help Day (students volunteer to help their Prep Senior friends when they visit Grade 1)

W - Watch a Movie Day

X - X-change Autographs Day

Y - Yoga Day in your PJs

Z - Zip up and Zoom Out Day (students zip up their bags and zoom out of school on the last day of the school year)

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