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A rhyme for my daughter

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Your laughter is as delightful as the tendrils in your hair

Sometimes when you are sleeping I cannot help but stare

I’m so in love with everything that is good about my girl

I celebrate each inch you’ve grown and every little curl

I love the days we shared a treat or took a trip somewhere

The way you’ve come to love a book, the way you sing a prayer

It’s easy you and I admit, at times, then not so much

Those hours that become challenging and when things just fall apart

Regretfully I must disclose that I have done some wrong

To shun you every other time I think that you’ve done wrong

Those instances I raised my voice, I may not take them back

They’re moments lost in time now but I cannot forget.

How it is your spirit came to be entrusted in my care

I do not have an answer save I’m blessed with something rare

I make a vow to stay by you next time the hurt kicks in

When you scream and thunder, when you wail to win

I’ll meet you there with tenderness, where I was harsh before,

I guess you’re going through a jam; I will not shut the door

I let go of the fantasy of what you cannot be

And hold on to what’s real instead:

Of one that’s wild and free

Not only do I take you exactly as you are,

But raise you high as heaven, like a sacred star

I see at once that each thought and cell, each breath and every word,

Are truly wondrous miracles that come to grace this Earth.



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