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Tips For Planning Your Multi-Generational Large Family Photoshoot

Updated: May 3

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When it comes to planning for a family photoshoot, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. What more if you’re looking into including multi-generations? Grandparents, parents, siblings, kids—oh my! The thought of coordinating a session like this can put off even the best of planners. Here are some tips from Stories Lifestyle if you’re looking to include multiple generations in your next family photoshoot.

1. Don’t Leave it to the Last Minute

Getting a date where all parties involved are available will be half the battle accomplished. You will need to plan ahead in order to book everyone’s time. To make things easier, choose a period when people are already gathering—for example, the festive holidays. Alternatively, pick an occasion to celebrate that will bring the family together, such as a wedding anniversary or grandparents’ birthday. You can then plan the photoshoot around this celebration. It might even be the highlight!

2. Do Coordinate Your Outfits

Now that you’ve got the date, the second half of the battle is deciding what to wear. Rather than having everyone come in the same type of outfit or colour, aim for coordination instead. Choose one or two colours that the entire family can agree on and allow for a variety based on the colour scheme. This will allow every family member’s outfit to mesh well together without matching too much. For large groups, you may want to consider solids, as too many patterns can be distracting.

For tips on how to dress your family for the shoot, refer to the article here.

3. Don’t Turn Up without Your Shoot List

After the logistical hurdle of getting the whole family together, you should make the most of your session. Planning ahead of the various combinations of images you will require will help your photographer to get the most out of your session. Some examples of variations you can take:

  • Entire full Family

  • Each Individual Family

  • Grandparents

  • Grandparents with grand-children

  • Grandparents with their adult children

  • All the children

  • Cousins / siblings and more

4. Do Consider Your Home as a Shoot Location

If your home has the space for it, why not have the photoshoot there? Your family would already know where the location is, you save the inconvenience of travelling out, and it’s a great way to incorporate a place that has meaningful memories into the shoot. Not only would your shoot be more unique, you may have access to some personalised family items to incorporate into your shoot. For example, you might look through your parents’ wedding album or recreate photos from your youth.

5. Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Although the planning process may have been stressful, don’t forget to have fun during the shoot! Also know that when large groups with kids are involved, there are bound to be moments that don’t go according to plan. Relax, let go, treasure the time the family is spending together, enjoy the process and trust in your photographer.

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