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Sweet Potato Gnocchi Recipe- Baby Led Weaning foods

The whole idea of Baby Led Weaning is to allow the child to feed themselves right from the start and the benefits are abundance. From motor skills development such as hand-eye coordination to chewing skills, and healthy eating habits.

Recipe- Sweet Potato Gnocchi by Chiaoju

This gnocchi recipe is an adaptation from a 3-ingredient recipe to a 2-ingredient recipe by removing salt. Yes, all you need equal parts of cooked sweet potato and all purpose flour.

However, you might want to see the kind of sweet potato used. Some have more water content than others and may require a tad bit more flour. So tweak it as you go along.

I used the fork to shape it as I don’t have the board and I think it works great. I usually make a batch and freeze them, and cook them whenever the baby wants to eat. Give it a try and let me know if your baby loves it!

1 cup sweet potato

1 cup all purpose flour

1 tsp salt (which I omit)

Steam the sweet potato until cooked. Let it cool.

Put the sweet potato through a potato ricer (I don’t have one so I mashed it with a fork)

Mix well with flour and knead till everything is incorporated.

Roll into a log and cut to 2 cm pillows.

Roll each gnocchi down a well floured fork to get its shape.

You can cook it now in boiling water, then toss it with brown butter and Parmesan cheese. Alternatively, you can freeze it for later consumption.

About the chefs

Chiao Ju is a foodie mom of 2 young boys, she started her Baby Led Weaning experience with her first born when he was 7mo and has continued to do the same with her second child. With mealtime being of great importance to both Chiaoju and her husband, the BLW journey has led to great mealtimes together with the kids, even at a young age. Meal preparation have also been blissful as she can prepare the same meal that’s suited for the whole family.

About Shannon Lim-de Rooy: A mom of a 2 yo, Shannon is a cooking instructor specialising in quick allergy friendly meals and an author of the award winning Asian Raw Food Kitchen cookbook.

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