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Role of a Birth Doula - Part 3

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Part 3 - How do I find a birth doula in Malaysia?

Hiring a doula for your birth may sound trendy but she may just be the missing link between the overmedicalization of birth, or the birth business, and families.

Doulas believe birth is a physical, physiological, emotional, spiritual and a family event, not a medical one. Even if medical interventions are necessary, a birth doula can provide information and perspective so that parents choose what is best for their family and not just what is convenient for a hospital or their team.

There are Certified Birth Doulas in Malaysia, all you have to do is ask around for them. But because the system is so medicalized in the big cities, it may be tough to find both a hospital and an obgyn who will be willing to welcome this non-medical professional into their working space.

Here’s a list of Birth Doulas that you can get in touch with:

Me! Maíra D. B. de Magalhães, connect with me @mairadbmdoula

I believe we are in a movement of change, of taking birth back with our own hands. As consumers, we have a big and powerful voice. The more people demand the presence of doulas (which by the way is backed up by science - look for the phrase “the doula effect”) in the laboring room, the more the system will have to cater to their clients’ needs and desires.

If birth is seen again as a spiritual rite of passage and not just some medical event that needs to be managed and controlled regardless of this mother’s wishes for herself and her baby and their unique physiology, then there is hope.

The more women get together to talk about their birth stories, their postpartum journeys, the more birth will become natural and part of everyday’s and everybody’s conversation again, thus contributing to normalizing birth, taking care of babies and breastfeeding! We, as women, with our sacred feminine role of creation and nourishment hold the key to this change.

As a doula, I believe every woman knows deep inside how to give birth to their baby, all she needs is somebody to remind her she can do it, so she can tap into her own deep knowledge of how to give birth herself.

If you have questions about hiring a birth doula, birthing naturally, or if you’re postpartum and would like to join a women’s circle to share your birth story and connect with other women please email Maira, or call her on +6012-310 3704. You can also follow her on Instagram or Facebook @mairadbmdoula



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