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Ramadan, Iftar during the holy month

Updated: May 3

Editor's note: This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience.

Ramadan is one of the most important months in the Islamic calendar. It is a month of spiritual reflection, self-discipline, and devotion to Allah. Muslims all over the world eagerly await the sighting of the new crescent moon, which indicates the commencement of Ramadan.

It is believed to be the month in which the first verses of the Quran were revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through the angel Jibril. This event, known as the Night of Power or Laylat al-Qadr, is said to have occurred during the last ten days of Ramadan. Muslims therefore consider Ramadan as a time to seek Allah's blessings and forgiveness.

During this month, Muslims observe fasting from dawn until sunset, abstaining from food, drink, and other physical needs. Fasting is not only a means of self-discipline and spiritual reflection, but it is also an act of worship that is highly rewarded by Allah. It is a time to purify the body, mind, and soul, and to strengthen one's relationship with Allah.

In addition to fasting, Muslims increase their prayers and engage in acts of charity and kindness towards others. They also try to avoid negative thoughts and behavior, and instead focus on positive actions and thoughts. Ramadan is a month of heightened spirituality and devotion, and is considered a time to strive towards becoming a better person.

The iftar, or breaking of the fast, is a special moment during Ramadan. It is a time for family and friends to come together and enjoy a meal after a long day of fasting. It is customary to break the fast with dates and water, and to offer thanks to Allah for the blessings of the day.

Iftar Locations Around Klang Valley & Penang

Iftar is usually a big social event, and people often have a variety of delicious dishes like soups, rice dishes, and desserts. Oh, and it's tradition to break your fast by eating some dates and drinking some water.

Iftar is not only at home with family, but sometimes Muslims gather around with family, relatives and friends and break their fast at different locations. It can be hotels or restaurants.

Here are some locations for Iftar around KL and Penang, and around.

De Wan 1958 by Chef Wan presents the experience of a modern Malaysian culinary adventure brought to life by the multiple award-winning chef and culinary ambassador for Tourism Malaysia, Datuk Redzuawan Ismail or better known as Chef Wan. Check out their website for reservations.

The MAHA BUFFET project involves two veterans in the FNB industry, Experiment Kitchen and Mak Kimbong Restaurant, who have over a decade of experience in the culinary field. They are well-known for their lunch menu, such as giant grilled squid and Western food, and have joined forces to make this mega Ramadan project a success. The MAHA BUFFET project will start on the second day of Ramadan, March 25th, 2023, and will run from 6:30pm to 9:30pm until April 20th, 2023, at Hall C, MAEPS Serdang.

Restaurant Aroma Café’ is located within the vicinity of PAUM Clubhouse, Bangsar, KL. The café offers a range of Eden’s specialities and Malaysian delicacies such as Eden’s famous char kuey teow, mee rebus and its signature Dim Sum! The Dim Sum is specially prepared on site with the freshest ingredients to satiate your taste buds! The restaurant’s relaxed ambiance makes it an ideal place for families to get together and its lounge area is also a favourite for people to meet up for meetings and discussions.

Exquisite interiors and value creation in food quality, service and ambiance are at the core of the Halab brand recognition within families, business lunch professionals and large touristic groups in search of authentic Middle eastern gastronomy.

If you are someone who would love to dine in with a view of the sea side then The Tamarra is the place to go. The Epicurean Collection & Modern Malay Gastronomy.

FIRST Pizza Ramadan Buffet in Malaysia at RM39 ONLY. EAT ALL YOU CAN at US Pizza’s Ramadan Buffet featuring a variety of all-time favorite pizzas and 20+ yummy-licious dishes from appetizers to desserts 🍽️ including spaghetti, twist, snacks & more. Available at US Pizza (selected outlets)on 22 March – 21 April 2023 at 6.30 – 8.30 PM | 8.30 – 10.30 PM

Many hotels also offer Ramadan buffets during the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan buffets may feature a variety of traditional dishes, such as dates, samosas, rices, kebabs, curries, and desserts. They may also offer international cuisine, including salads, sushi, and other dishes to cater to a wider audience.

P/s: For my non-Muslim friends, I was wondering if any of you would like to join me in fasting during Ramadan?

~ Intan, writer __________________________________________________________________________________

Update: As the holy month progresses, it is certainly gearing up to be a radiant and shimmering Raya this year. IOI Malls has a plethora of activities, giveaways, performances and treats for the entire family right up to 1 May 2023!

IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

In IOI City Mall in Putrajaya, visitors are in for a variety of entertainment, happening every weekend at its LG East Court. Dance along to a variety of festive performances including traditional Raya dances such as Joget, Tarian Lilin, Kompang, Tarian Etnik Borneo, Kuda Kepang, Tarian Petani and Tarian Ceracap Inai.

Move along with the Raya Rhythms lineup which includes a variety of performances such as Angklung, Dikir Rebana and Kompang Nusantara. Also, not to be missed is the Raya Spectacular which features traditional wayang kulit and silat performances, as well as an Active Talk public speaking session.

Meanwhile, children (and those young at heart) are invited to get crafty this Raya at IOI City Mall with special IOI Kids Club workshops taking place every weekend (from now until 1 May 2023) at L2 East (in front of Tiny Button).

Crafts which include batik painting, clay modelling, wau making, Raya cookie decoration, magic beads art, suncatcher making, canvas bag painting and scratch art.

A hot and sizzling Raya Fashion Show takes centre stage at LG, East Court on 15 April 2023, 12pm to 5.30pm. Showcasing Raya collections and exclusive pieces by local designers and celebrities with the likes of BOKITTA, LARNEY, FIZIWOO, SITI KHADIJAH, SOFEAROSE, and JOVIAN - all in one place! What’s more, this showcase is replete with a dikir rebana and kampung nusantara performance!

For more details on the activities at IOI City Mall Putrajaya, visit

IOI Mall Puchong

In IOI Mall Puchong, visitors will be able to experience the festive Raya Rhythms performances at Ground Floor, North Court every weekend, which features angklung ensembles, kuda kepang, sape, caklempong, ceracap inai, gamelan, tarian joget, tarian kompang, tarian lilin, tarian petani, seruling, silat, wayang kulit and traditional Raya dances.

There’ll also be a host of IOI Kids’ Club workshops near the information counter at Ground Floor, Carnival Court, which will give participants the chance to pick up new skills, just in time for Raya, including canvas bag painting, congkak playing, gasing making, hama beads keychain making, onde-onde making, aroma sachet making, cookies decoration, sand art candle making, and wayang kulit making.

Similarly, visitors at IOI Mall Puchong can redeem free kurma at the information counter in Carnival Court, courtesy of Awesome Snacks.

You can check out more details at IOI Mall Puchong’s website at

IOI Mall Kulai

Further down south, visitors in IOI Mall Kulai will be treated with a myriad of Eid activities and performances happening at the Centre Atrium including kompang, zapin, kuda kepang and ghazal performances, as well as a henna art showcase. IOI Kids’ Club workshops are also available to entertain the little ones here with keychain craft, magnificent mosque craft and crown craft sessions. On 22 and 23 April 2023, there will be a giveaway of Raya cookies at the information counter at 5pm daily.

Meanwhile, the Raya celebrations at IOI Mall Kulai will take on cyberspace with the Stop the Gift Online Contest. More information is available on IOI Mall Kulai’s website at



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