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Need to Feed the Need

ibu has supported countless charities over the years and every single one of them was a worthy cause. We couldn’t do the good we do without the contributions of our tribe! So thank you, you’re awesome!

One of these deserving charities is Need to Feed the Need (NFN), to whom ibu donated RM5,605 from the Annual Charity Jumble Sale in October 2018. NFN, founded in 2013, is a NGO that operates a soup kitchen providing hot meals and basic necessities, such as diapers, to around 400 patrons every Thursday night at Medan Kasih, a purpose-built government-constructed facility. People get a hot meal with some sides and a bottle of water at RM8 per head, which means that NFN’s weekly budget is around RM3200 to cover their basic operation. Over the years they have distributed over 60,000 meals. Besides that they also give out things like toiletries and milk powder. They used the donation from ibu to buy diapers and formula milk to distribute to those in need.

NFN serves the homeless and urban poor of KL, who often struggle to have proper accommodation and basic necessities for themselves and their families. Some of them do have jobs, but the money they make doesn’t cover their expenses. Most of the patrons live amongst dire circumstances in tiny makeshift rooms of converted shop-houses, where children don’t have access to much and aren’t allowed to make noise in case they were to attract the wrong kind of attention. With this is mind, NFN runs a children’s corner where kids can play freely, which they don’t often get to do. Here they have access to toys and can enjoy each others’ company and they are allowed to make as much noise as they’d like.

NFN's volunteers hand out basic necessities to the needy

NFN is run entirely by volunteers, which means that all contributions by sponsors go directly to the poor. They welcome sponsorship in various forms including meal packs, bottled water and food for distribution or financial donations. Get in touch with them through their Facebook page or respond to their crew calls on Instagram if you’d like to volunteer. Don’t forget, a little goes a long way!

If you’d like to find out more about ibu’s charitable causes or if you’d like to make a donation to one of our causes please write to for more details.



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