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Best Maternity Stores You can find in Kuala Lumpur

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

For many women, pregnancy is a very special moment in their life. The feeling of a life growing, which was made with love is an exhilarating feeling and we cannot wait to see them.

Unfortunately, pregnancy also means maternity wear and for some women, it’s not something they are looking forward to. However, as one’s body change throughout the pregnancy, it’s something that must be considered.

Comfort Over Fashion

The golden rule when it comes to purchasing maternity clothes is that it should be comfortable rather than focus on fashion.

When you purchase fashionable clothes, it’s not a guarantee that it would be comfortable for your growing baby bump and for your changing body. Some fabrics may cause irritation, while others may not provide sufficient warmth.

As a result, it may cause some discomfort not just for you but also for your baby.

What To Look Out For

Fortunately, fashion has always been flexible and maternity fashion is also shifting to fit the current tastes of modern mothers. However, even if this is the case, we should consider what we actually need and how it would feel when we use them.

Here are the things you need to look out for when shopping for maternity clothes:

  • Get maternity clothes that you can use from your first trimester to birth. For tops, pick the ones with parts which gathers on the side since it can adjust with your growing belly. You should also pick ones that are long and cover your bump completely. For pants or skirts, pick ones with elastic waistbands or adjustable ones as it will accommodate your growing belly.

  • You should also look for clothes that are suitable for breastfeeding. There are special nursing tops and accessories that can help you breastfeed your child discreetly. If you do not want to spend money on specialised clothing, you can check clothes with straps you can easily pull down or those with low necklines or side zippers.

  • If you have space problems in your closet, getting reversible clothing is also good since you can style your clothes without having to buy individual clothing.

  • Check maternity clothes that are in your regular size. These clothes would be the perfect fit for you. Don’t go a size larger or smaller because you may end up buying clothes that don’t match your body size.

  • As much as possible, get maternity clothes that would work for all seasons. For cool months, get clothes that can keep both you and your baby warm. For hot months, get clothes that would prevent you from sweating too much. As much as possible, try buying during the end-of-season because clothes would be cheaper.

  • For underwear, pick ones that are stretchy and supported because as your pregnancy grows, your breasts would grow in size and it can be quite painful if you have the wrong bra. Your hips would also shift during pregnancy so it is ideal your underwear are comfortable.

  • Finally, always check the fabric on which the clothes are made of. Ideally, breathable fabrics like cotton is best since you are now generating more heat than usual. You would also need clothes that are stretchable like spandex. Polyester fabrics are also great for cool season.

Brands to Check Out

If you are going to go shop for maternity clothes that are stylish and comfortable at the same time, you have a lot of stores to choose from. Here are some of the brands you can check out for your maternal clothes shopping:

If you are looking for a place that sells great underwear, especially for pregnant or nursing women, MARKS AND SPENCER has you covered. They have a good range of cheap but high-quality maternity and nursing bras that would match your needs.

H&M has a very impressive catalogue of clothes and accessories that are stylish, comfortable and affordable. Their maternity line has a good selection of tops, dresses, pants, underwear and even accessories like scarves or shawls that would definitely help you rock in comfort.

Want stylish clothing that would adapt as your pregnancy progresses and rock any season? Topshop has the clothes you need. They have a great range of maternity dresses, tops and pants that you can use no matter what stage you are in your pregnancy. It is definitely worth investing on.

If you prefer maternal clothes that don’t force you to sacrifice your usual clothing style, Mango’s offerings may appeal to you. They have a great range of maternal clothing that are not just chic and comfortable, they also match any clothing preferences.

Going out to party with your baby bump or you just like to wear dresses during your pregnancy? Dorothy Perkins’ maternity clothing catalog is for you. They have an extensive catalogue of maternal dresses for any occasion, as well as tops, pants and skirts for casual occasions.

If you want to buy clothes which are comfortable, soft and bump-friendly, FABULOUS MOM should be in your list. This store has clothes and underwear for any stage of pregnancy and they are simply gorgeous to look at. They are also made from comfortable material that would definitely feel like you are wearing a second skin.

If you can’t visit their store, no problem! They have an online shop that offers their range to expecting moms.

9months Maternity is a great shop to look at if you are after cheap, fashionable and comfortable maternity clothes. Their range of clothes can be worn no matter what stage of pregnancy you are in and they have great designs and colours. They are also very affordable and regularly offer discounts.

Now, here’s a shop that not only helps you pick maternity clothing, but also clothes and items you need after pregnancy? If that is a yes, Mothercare has you covered. Their clothing catalogue is vast and it would definitely adjust as your pregnancy goes along.

Once you give birth, you can check out their nursing clothes and underwear to help you adjust. They even have products for your baby after you give birth to them. Mothercare even offers discounts if you are a loyalty card holder of the shop.

If you want to get everything you will need for your pregnancy or nursing without having to leave the building, Isetan KLCC is the place to visit. The fourth floor of the department store has a vast array of maternity items that would fit any budget, and you can even shop for your child’s clothes and needs in the same place.

This store is stocked with the most fabulous fashion and the great news is that they have just introduced maternity wear into their mix! This brand has both online and physical stores that you can visit.

In Short...

When you are pregnant, you don’t have to wear clothes that make you look ragged and old-fashioned. With the help of the brands above, you can rock your pregnancy with clothes that match your style.


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