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Babywearing for Beginners: The ‘Why, What & How

Last Sunday, ibu Family Resource Group KL successfully hosted the 2nd session of our LIVE Parenting Panel, in conjunction with ibu Mindful Parenting Summit 2019.

We sat down for an hour-long Q&A with Alicia Ling Horsley, a mother of four (a toddler, tween and teens) and a certified Babywearing Consultant, to talk about "Babywearing for Beginners: The ‘Why, What & How’" and how you can enhance bonding with your child after birth.

If you missed the full LIVE interview, here it is again! 🚩

To make it easier to navigate and find what's important and relevant to you, we've "timestamped" the video by listing below all the topics that we covered, so you can jump to just the parts you want to listen to.


1:08 - Guest speaker introduction

3:37 - Alicia gives a short introduction on what babywearing is all about

4:09 - How is babywearing beneficial (physically, emotionally and physiologically) for pre-term, low birthweight and normal infants?

5:45 - How is babywearing beneficial for parents and its relation to the ‘Fourth Trimester’ — it makes parenting so much easier i.e. parents get a better understanding of their babies’ signals / cues; builds confidence levels, and alleviates postpartum / postnatal depression and anxiety.

7:55 - Is there such a thing as too much contact with your baby? What about self-soothing? Alicia shares her thoughts and beliefs, stressing that “you cannot spoil a baby with too much love” and how it all relates to attachment parenting.

10:00 - How does babywearing help mums to feel independent again?

12:14 - Can dads babywear too?

13:12 - When should pregnant mums start learning about babywearing?

14:34 - Where can mothers learn about babywearing? What are the resources available in Malaysia with regards to babywearing?

*On a side note, do check out Babywearing by Baby Ultra (, helmed by Dr Izam Suziani (aka Ibu Ultra). She is also on Facebook (Dr Izam Suziani) and Instagram (@drizamsuziani).

15:20 - What are the babywearing options available out there in the market? *See

17:55 - What is the difference between a woven wrap and a stretchy wrap?

19:15 - For an extremely mobile baby who loves to move around, what type of sling or wrap that his or her parent should look for?

20:18 - What is a Meh Dai (Mei-Tai) carrier? If I’m looking for a Meh Dai, how would the design look like for a newborn versus one for a toddler or an older child?

22:16 - Alicia shares the T.I.C.K.S rule for safe babywearing:

T - Tight I - In view at all times C - Close enough to kiss K - Keep chin off the chest S - Supported back

25:10 - Is there a wrong way to wear a baby? What are some of the common babywearing mistakes that parents make?

27:05 - Are there any particular baby carriers to avoid?

28:00 - How does babywearing naturally support the baby’s spine?

29:13 - Q&A: Babywearing gives me a backache. How do I alleviate the pain but still manage babywearing at the same time?

31:29 - Q&A: Is babywearing only for newborns or toddlers? Is there an age limit to babywearing?

32:06 - Q&A: What do I do when my toddler keeps wanting to get in and out of the baby carrier?

32:30 - Q&A: When should I wear my baby at the front versus at the back — at what age should I switch babywearing positions? Also, what are your thoughts about carrying a baby ‘front inward facing’ position (baby facing inwards towards our chest) versus ‘front outward facing’?

34:23 - Q&A: It gets so hot and stuffy when I wear my baby. Help!

35:14 - Q&A: What are some of the activities that you can do while babywearing? What about exercises like yoga or going for a walk?

36:52 - Q&A: How do I choose a sling / wrap / carrier that is suitable for my partner, myself and my baby?

37:58 - Babywearing demo (stretchy wrap and ring sling)

48:13 - About ibu’s KL Sling Library (a support group for parents who babywear) and ibu Family Resource Group KL


If you've got any questions at all, please don't hesitate to comment below this post, or just PM / DM us. Alternatively, you can also reach out to ibu's Support Groups Coordinator Namrita Deora at We'd love to hear from you and are more than happy to assist and support you in your new parenting journey.

Once again, we'd like to express a big THANK YOU to our host Namrita for being so kind to host our second LIVE Parenting Panel and to our guest Alicia Ling Horsley for her time, invaluable advice and tips!

ibu Mindful Parenting Summit 2019 takes place monthly, from August - November 2019. We’ll have a different speaker each month. So stay tuned for the upcoming announcement on the next session of our LIVE Parenting Panel in October!



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