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The Best Vegan Ice Cream in KL

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Kind Cone ice cream
Kind Cone ice cream

I LOVE ice cream.

I know more than one person who doesn’t really like chocolate (weirdos), but I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like ice cream.

So when I thought about introducing this sweet, melty, round scoop of joy to my toddler, I was nervous. “He’s going to love it SO much that he’ll refuse to eat anything else…” I thought.

I’d held off giving him anything with processed sugar for as long as I could, but now, at 2.5 years old it’s difficult to avoid sugar completely. He’s never had much sugar so the result when he does is alarming. He’d go from mildly insistent about getting his own way but being ok if I said “no”, to running off and screaming if he didn’t get his way.

You can imagine how nervous I was about giving him ice cream.

Then, Kind Kones appeared. A 100% natural alternative to my favourite dessert that wasn’t made with any additives, artificial flavours or processed sugar.

Could this become our go-to ice cream that I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about sharing with him?

I had reservations:

  • It’ll never be as good at the real thing.

  • It doesn’t matter what sugar it is, sugar is sugar and he’ll still be a nutcase after he eats it.

  • It’ll be like any other dessert, he’ll ONLY want that and nothing else and he’ll bug me about it constantly.

But for my favourite dessert, it’s worth a try. So we did. And I was wrong on all 3 counts.

DELICIOUS ICE CREAM Josh was so excited when I lifted him up to the counter. His eyes and mouth fell open as he gaped at the colourful flavours behind the glass.

Josh tasting Kind Kones chocolate ice cream.

I let him try 3 flavours, Dark Chocolate (because chocolate’s his favourite), Strawberry (which the server told me is a kid’s favourite) and Black Forest. He chose Dark Chocolate Sorbet :D and as you can see, he had a finger-licking good time with no sugar high!

As for the taste, it was as good to me as regular ice cream. Better, actually, because I didn’t have to feel guilty about all that sugar. More about flavours here.

At the Bangsar branch of Kind Kones.


I was surprised that Kind Kones had a friendly space for kids. Chairs and tables for adults and littles, and even though Josh was busy latching onto the ice cream cone at that second, I knew when he was done he’d be all over the colouring books.

They also have a creative zone with a chalkboard and chalk, toys, reading books and occasionally non-toxic play dough.

Fully focused on his ice cream :D

Josh finished his ice cream and went for more!

After devouring the ice cream Josh starts playing with the chairs.


After our little ice cream date, I did a bit of research on Kind Kones. I wanted to know more about the brand and how it came to being. It turns out that Serina and her husband are passionate about eating healthy because they want to teach their daughter to eat chemical free, healthy food. Kind Kones started when they saw a gap in the market for a vegan dessert bar in Malaysia.

“It’s a challenge to eat healthy—we all want to indulge but not feel so bad about it. We want healthy but it has to taste nice. There’s also people who are lactose-intolerant, or kids who are allergic to certain things. I’ve had parents tell me, ‘My son can eat everything here!’. It’s amazing to be the first to do something new.” --- Serina Bajaj

If you haven’t been to Kind Kones, go. The ice cream tastes wonderful. You’ll find them in 1 Mont Kiara, Plaza Damansara, Bangsar Village 1, Midvalley and Empire Shopping Gallery.

Kind Kones also offers catering for events with a mobile ice cream cart, healthy bites and savoury food as well as sweet treats. Find out more:

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