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Family friendly workouts in the CMCO

By Elena Kersey

For some of us, just running around after our kids all day is about as much of a workout as we can muster. But for those wanting to feel a bit more burn, how do we get our hearts pumping under the constraints of the CMCO?

We’ve put together a COVID-safe ways to work out that the whole family can get involved in.

Family Friendly Online Workouts

BodyFit by Amy

For parents of babies and toddlers, BodyFit by Amy has a series of free online workouts that you can do with your little one. Workouts range from 10 to 20 minutes, require no gym equipment and include a stroller workout (now that you can push your tot outside!) and workouts using a baby carrier. For parents of older, active teenagers, try some of her cardio workouts or no equipment body weight workouts for a serious burn.

Go to the BodyFit by Amy YouTube channel and look for the ‘Mommy and Me’ workout playlist.

Stream the Beat

The inaugural Stream the Beat event on 2nd May brought together 25 fitness, music and wellness performers in 7 cities across the world together for a virtual wellness festival in aid of The Lost Food project. If you missed it, Fresh Events (the events team behind The Music Run) are putting on fortnightly Stream the Beat fitness and wellness events on the 16th May, 30th May and 13th June. The two-hour events will feature one hour of fitness and one hour of music suitable for the whole family.

Go to to register for free for the next event.

Cosmic Kids introduces pre-school and primary aged kids to yoga in a fun and interactive way. In each video, Jamie the instructor takes kids on an adventure; under the sea, to a pirate island, or even through a favourite storybook like The Gruffalo. For older or particularly active kids, there are also ‘Zen Den’ videos that introduce children to mindfulness and help them develop self-calming strategies.

The yoga poses in all the videos are the asanas regular yogis will be familiar with (albeit with child friendly names like “shark pose”) so parents can also have a stretch or wiggle on the mat with their kids.

Go to the Cosmic Kids yoga YouTube Channel for a range of free workouts and if your family really love it, you can subscribe via their app.

Active Activities at Home

Sometimes the best way to workout with your kids is through play – plain and simple. Try out some of these active games, which can all be played in your living room!


Even if you don’t have this classic game in your toy box, you can still do a version of this game. Cut out a bunch of circles from coloured paper and stick them to the floor. Take turns to shout out which foot or hand needs to move to which circle.

Swept Away

I play this with my kids to get them to tidy up their toys at the end of the day. Turn on some music and grab a broom. Start circling the room with your broom, slowly at first and then speeding up along with the music. You will be amazed how fast little kids will pick things up to avoid getting ‘swept away’ by the sweeper monster!

Simon Says

If you haven’t played this classic schoolyard game, it goes like this:

  • Elect someone to be ‘Simon’

  • Whoever is ‘Simon’ shouts out instructions such as ‘Simon says…. Touch your head’, whilst also touching their head.

  • You must watch and listen closely to Simon. If Simon says “Jump” but doesn’t jump anyone who jumps is out. Similarly, if Simon only says “Jump” but does not say “Simon Says Jump” anyone who jumps is out. The winner is the person stays in the game the longest. This person becomes the next Simon.

To make the game really active get ‘Simon’ to do jumping jacks, planks, plank jacks and mountain climbers!

After more than eight weeks mostly inside and with your kids 24/7 you may be looking for an opportunity to let off some steam solo now that exercising outdoors is allowed. However, exercising as a family is a great way to connect and release some of the tension and anxiety that is part and parcel of these challenging times.

Your kids may also be feeling anxious about when they will go back to school, see their friends again and get back to their normal routines. Working out together gives them space to talk about some of these worries with you.

And if none of these workouts help your brood bond and let off steam together…turn off the lights, turn up the music and have a family dance party!


Originally from New Zealand, Elena Kersey moved to Malaysia in 2009 intending to stay for 6 months… and never left.  She now calls Kuala Lumpur home and is an ibu to twin 3-year-old boys. She keeps busy by working in media rights sales and is an expert at building forts, making play doh and designing sticker charts.

(Editors note: Adults are allowed to visit parks and as long as you comply with social distancing regulations however children are not allowed).



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