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Celebrating Inclusivity on Down Syndrome Awareness Month : Kids Activities and Learning Centres

Updated: Nov 1

In October, the world comes together to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month, a time to promote understanding, inclusion, and acceptance for individuals with Down Syndrome. At IBU Family, we believe that every child deserves access to enriching activities and learning experiences, regardless of their abilities.

In the spirit of inclusion, we've compiled a list of kids-related activities and learning centers that are committed to creating inclusive environments. Plus, we've secured some exclusive promotions for IBU members to make these opportunities even more accessible.

Activity and Learning Centres- Down Syndrome inclusive

1. Choices Choi Kwang Do is dedicated to providing martial arts training in an inclusive and supportive setting. They offer classes suitable for children of varying abilities and take pride in the fact that Choi Kwang Do is not just a sport, it's a lifestyle that includes health, fitness, personal development, and self-defense.

Click here to contact the dojo

2. Toddler Town International Preschool is an inclusive international preschool where each child is given equal opportunity to discover and develop through high-quality play-based learning.

Their classes, where parents or caregivers accompany their little ones, combine singing, exploration, sensory stimulation, and educational tools for two hours of bonding, learning, and fun. It's a fanttastic opportunity to connect with your child while fostering their development.

An exclusive offer for the IBU network.

Age of child: Walking age to 3yo

1 complimentary accompanied class during our Discovery Fridays from 9:00am-11:00am

Valid through October 2023

Age: 3yo-5yo

1 complimentary class (accompanied or non accompanied) during our Discovery Fridays from 9:00am - 12:00am

Valid through October 2023

Classes are not available during PH and school holiday.

Please click here to contact

3. Lighthouse Preschool @ Ara Damansara provides a safe and nurturing environment for young children, 6 months to 6 years old of any abilities, to explore, create, and discover the world around them. As a bilingual preschool, they offer an innovative curriculum that combines the best practices of early childhood education with language immersion in English and Mandarin.

Exclusive Offer for the IBU network: Sensory play sessions include sensory stations, storytelling, crafts, music and movement and playground time.

Charges: IBU members enjoy a 50% discount on the entrance fee of RM60. Please show your IBU membership card

Please click here to contact

4. Lil Ninjas Dojo, Damansara Utama, PJ is committed to inclusive martial arts training. These exclusive promotions make it even easier for your child to experience the benefits of martial arts in a supportive environment.

Exclusive Offer for IBU Members:

  • One free trial class.

  • Discounted monthly fees at RM160 (non-IBU: RM229).

  • Discounted registration fee at RM100 (non-IBU: RM150).

  • Delayed payment of the registration fee (payable after the first month of classes for IBU members, while non-IBU members pay upfront).

  • Please show your IBU membership card

Please click here to contact

5. Julia Gabriel Centre is renowned for its language and communication programs designed to cater to children's diverse needs.

Exclusive Offer: For IBU families looking to sign up in 2023, Julia Gabriel Centre offers a complete 50% off the registration fee for all their enrichment programs, resulting in a savings of RM150.

Please click here to contact

6. The Little Gym (Hartamas and Penang) provides children with a safe and inspiring space to direct children’s energy, promote gross motor strength, build confidence, and develop key skills. They are a fully inclusive program with many children with Down Syndrome attending classes.

Exclusive Offer: IBU members signing up for The Little Gym's programs will enjoy a special RM80 discount on the Annual Membership fee, and 10% off the first 6 months and annual payment plans. This offer is another way IBU supports families in accessing quality activities for their children.

7. Tender Hearts is a social enterprise founded in 2016. It caters to special needs youths of different disabilities including downs syndrome. The social mission of Tender Hearts is to provide a conducive social and job skills learning for neurodiversity youths who have limited opportunities and access to employment. The long term mission of the community is to empower the youths towards independent living where we live, play, learn and work cohesively with the wider neurotypical communities - people like you and me.

They run a full fledge café serving mainly a lunch crowd. Tender Hearts youths are trained to be handle cashiering, prepare drinks, serving, cleaning and food preparation.

Address: Tender Heart Cafe, L2 05, Level 2, KL Gateway Mall, Kuala Lumpur

IBU is proud to be affiliated with several more play spaces and playgroups that are inclusive in nature. Play centres and IBU Partners such as Asobiba and Cocoon in Penang, The Lighthouse, Clubhouse, PlayOclock, Mini Magic Messy Play and Baby Sensory to name a few welcome all children of diverse background and abilities.

In conclusion, Down Syndrome Awareness Month reminds us of the importance of inclusivity and understanding. These kids-related activities and learning centers are committed to providing enriching experiences for all children, regardless of their abilities. Take advantage of the exclusive offers for IBU members, and be sure to reach out to these centers for more information on how they can support your child's growth and development in an inclusive environment. Together, let's celebrate and promote inclusivity this October and beyond.


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