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KL Babywearing Library

Rules & Guidelines

Please read before contacting the librarian.

You will be assumed to have read and understood these rules and guidelines upon contacting the librarian.


  1. The KL Babywearing Library is open to the public with an address within Peninsular Malaysia only.

  2. Please contact the KL Babywearing Librarian (“the Librarian”) for availability check, advice & other related matters. 

  3. You can rent only ONE (1) carrier at a time. 

  4. Duration of Rental TWO (2) weeks only (inclusive of weekends & public holidays).

  5. Effective Rental Start Date Rental duration begins from the day when the carrier is shown to have arrived at your postal address OR when you collect the carrier during a Babywearing Meet (“Rental Start Date”).

  6. Effective Rental End Date Rental duration ends on the 14th day from Rental Start Date (“Rental End Date”).

  7. Grace Period A grace period of THREE (3) days is given from Rental End Date for arrangement of carrier return. 

  8. Rental Fee

    1. IBU members Rental fee is RM 50 for TWO (2) weeks. IBU members must provide their membership number to the librarian before rental confirmation.

    2. Non-members Rental fee is RM100 for TWO (2) weeks. Rental fee is payable by bank transfer upon rental confirmation.

  9. Rental Deposit A fully refundable deposit i.e., approximate retail value of the carrier is stated on the library carrier listing and payable by bank transfer upon rental confirmation. Your deposit will be refunded within 14 working days by bank transfer upon receipt of the carrier in good condition that is sent to you.

    1. The amount of rental deposit is the same for IBU members & non-members. IBU members get a discount on the rental fee

    2. Deposit is fully refundable unless there are any damages to carrier, or lost/non-return of carrier.

  10. Carrier Collection Upon confirmation of payable dues, the carrier will be posted to your postal location for a postage fee & insurance as indicated in the library carrier listing. Alternatively, the carrier can be collected from the Librarian during a Babywearing Meet (if available).

  11. Carrier Return Upon Rental End Date, you may arrange to return the carrier:(a) by insured postage to the Librarian

    1. by insured postage to the Librarian;

    2. by return postage - must pre-arranged with the Librarian for a postage fee & insurance as indicated in the library carrier listing (inclusive of packaging materials) before rental confirmation; OR

    3. you may return the carrier in-person to Librarian during a Babywearing Meet (if available).

  12. Late Fee A penalty of RM5 per day will be deducted from the rental deposit for any carrier that is more than 3 days' overdue. A late fee penalty is imposed after the grace period.

  13. Cleaning During Rental Period Please spot clean using wet wipes only. Do not wash the carrier. Please contact the Librarian for directions if you feel you must launder the carrier before returning. 

  14. Cleaning Fee Cleaning fee of RM10 is applicable for rental of each carrier and paid by both IBU members & non-members. 

  15. Pet Keep the carrier out of reach from animals. Do not use the carrier around animals especially those with high amount of shedding hair.

  16. Tobacco Smoke Do not expose the carrier to tobacco smoke and the residues. Do not use the carrier where people are smoking. Do not store the carrier in a place with tobacco smoke residues e.g. in a car where someone smokes.

  17. Condition on Return Please return all carriers in good condition as you receive it. Please handle our carriers & accompanying accessories with care & respect. We hope these carrier can help many parents in the future. 

  18. Harm to Carrier/Lost/Non-return Any damage to the carrier or lost of accessory will be deducted from the rental deposit according to the severity/repair costs/replacement costs. The Librarian and the IBU Committee will determine the severity of the damages based on their sole discretion. Charges for items damaged beyond normal wear and tear will be judged on a case by case basis. If the carrier is damaged beyond repair, completely lost or not returned to the library within 30 days from rental end date without a valid reason, your rental deposit will be 100% forfeited.

  19. Safety Check Please check the carrier upon receipt by inspecting the stitches and fabric. You are responsible for the safe & proper usage of the carrier, so as to not put your child at risk. Always follow the T.I.C.K.S. guidelines for safe babywearing (link:


By renting a carrier from KL Babywearing Library, you agree to indemnify & hold harmless KL Babywearing Library, IBU Family Resource Group KL, its leaders/committee members, the Librarian & members, for any harm that may result to you or your child from the use of the carrier.

Thank you

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