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The IBU Family Sports Day 2022

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

During the pandemic, our brave kids, without realizing, gave up those crucial life lessons that come from being with other children, playing games and learning from each other. Some of the children were even born during those two years, and they have not known (or recall) a freer life, where they could wander and run around, go for play dates or even go to school.

So, as the world limped back to a new normal, the focus at IBU has been to create opportunities for kids and parents to meet each other, whether to attend an important talk or just to chit chat. Our coffee mornings started again, the open air playgroups began again, and our biggest draws were those impromptu picnics and hikes with other families.

Why the IBU Sports Day

Planning a sports day was a natural extension of creating family friendly activities, and a chance to meet the parenting community, a chance to build your IBU Tribe as you raise your children together. For a lot of us who home-school our children, our children need encouragement to get active, they have not experienced a traditional school Sports Day of primary schools in Malaysia. They have not been able to experience different sports and games and learn those important skills that come by competing with each other, or have the chance to discover their skills and inclinations during the pandemic years.

So, when we planned the IBU Sports Day for young kids, we looked to create taster sessions of different activities, disciplines, games and sports. For as many kids as we could. As an added incentive for us parents, it was a chance to see where our children’s inclinations lay, exposing the young ones to different games allowed us to see what we too could add to our children’s learning experiences. All in a safe environment.

For some of the children, it was the first experience of the actual rush of kicking a ball into a goal post, no amount of playing alone at home or watching TV gives that same feeling.

The power of sports and competitions

While it was a day in the sun for a lot of us (in the fabulous covered field of the school, for sheer comfort) , actually playing sports has so many benefits for our children

  • It allows the children to hone their hand-eye coordination, and help their body build better connections

  • It improves concentration, the power of attention, improves memory, as well as gives an outlet for their restless energies

  • It creates a feeling of achievement, of winning, of overcoming obstacles

  • It improves problem solving skills, understanding the consequences of actions

  • Over time, it allows a child to deal with the highs and lows of success and failure, as well as the power of being a part of a team

  • It is a social activity, where the children enjoy free time, not restricted by rules and precautions

And, as parents, we discovered another benefit that day- our children were all sound asleep that afternoon, after their morning of fresh air and the activities.

The venue for IBU Sports Day

This time, the British International School KL opened its doors for us. With its covered field, child-friendly facilities and large open spaces, the places they opened for the IBU Sports Day were perfect. Plus, given the sudden downpours recently, the covered areas protected the players and the parents, from both the sun and the rain.

There was space for the different F&B vendors, as well as enough space for the different sports taster sessions we could offer the participants.

The IBU Sports Day circuit

Yes, everybody wins. Being a part of a competition is important, and we did have medals for the first 100 kids who successfully completed the circuit we created. (Some background stories. We had a lot of the parents excited about their children winning the medals, and we caught many photos ops in front of the IBU welcome banner! Our social media pages too wore the happy smiles as parents tagged us.)

The circuit, with thanks to our partners

From bear walks and superman crawls, to plank balancing, skateboarding basics, punching and kicking a target pad, messy play and so many more - there was lots and lots of fun to be had at our Sports Day!

  • Ready Steady Go Kids Malaysia delivered a combination of physical and emotional benefits, with their programme designed to build confidence and self-esteem, providing a platform of knowledge and boosting school readiness skills. For the IBU Sports Day, they focused on rugby and cricket.

  • Hikari MMA set up 5 game stations with a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu theme and created challenges of speed, dexterity, perseverance and agility.

  • Little Kickers Malaysia had fun football activities for preschool kids.

  • JRSkates introduced basic skateboarding skills for 4 to 6 year olds, with some fun physical challenges.

  • ITF Taekwondo Selangor sent up Taekwondo techniques challenge, including a target pad to punch and kick

  • PlayOClock had a special sports ball theme messy play station as well as an obstacle course

  • The "winners" picked up their medals and Prize packs: a goodie bag filled with Malaysia Toys book, Ready Steady Go kids voucher, Bubs food pouches, Astra vouchers, kids hand throw aircraft, bubble water, dragonfly fairy hand rub, inflatable children’s polo beach ball, Himalaya sports lemon candy, and voucher from Mellow

The other fun stuff

  • Thank you, Sausage Sizzle, for those delicious hotdogs, and that fantastic smell wafting through the air

  • Parents enjoyed the refreshing coffee by Bond Cafe, while the kids enjoyed soy milk drinks from Soyya

  • Ice cream from Magnolia was obviously a big hit with the kids, while parents were intrigued by the new 100 Plus Hydration Bar.

  • Our goodie bags for new members were filled with goodies from Applecrumby sanitizer, child hygiene products from Hoppi, while the kids loved their prize packs which included savoury oats porridge from Captain Oats, Bubs. Juz Kids Gymnastics and Ready Steady Go Kids provided a voucher to be redeemed and there was Mellow vouchers and Original Sprout miracle detangler shampoo. Malaysia Toys added awesome books, while the Himalaya Sports Lemon Candies were truly welcome.

  • We even managed two online giveaways as well. 3 days/2 nights stay in Langkawi sponsored by Nadias Hotel. And 3 hampers with membershop voucher from Hikari MMA, voucher from JuzKids gymnastics centre, merchandise from Ready Steady Go Kids Msia, and child hygiene products from Hoppi

  • PS- lanyards for the children’s activity stamp cards sponsored by RDS Law Partners

A day well spent!

It was so rewarding to hear parents say their kids had a blast! Plus, it isn’t every day that you get to sample a few different sports in one day.

Proud mom @ainiahmat shared a beautiful picture of her two kids showing off their sports medals, saying “thank you @ibufamily for organising this wonderful event. They did it. My kids had so much fun 🤩”.

Another parent @samuel.the.explorer shared a snippet of their adorable boy showing off his budding football skills, adding that “I was impressed with how well he did with taking on instructions!”

IBU member Natasha decided to celebrate her daughter Zara’s second birthday with all the kids, and she generously prepared 70 birthday goodie bags and a huge birthday cake for all the kids still milling around- and little Zara was thrilled to have so many people singing her “Happy birthday!” Thank you for choosing to celebrate with all of us.

It was also wonderful to see kids invited from the Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation joining in the activities along with other kids. While we sponsored their tickets and the ice creams for them, Sausage Sizzle topped that with hotdogs too.

From our side, we saw lots of parents chatting with each other, making new connections, and making great memories with their kids - we call that a successful day! ❤️

It was truly a day that reminded us what IBU set out to do, 30 years ago, you reminded us what IBU Family truly means. Thank you, everyone, and we raise a big cheer, once again, to all the participants.


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