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Sports and Raising children

Updated: May 3

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Sports have been an integral part of human life for centuries, and its importance cannot be overstated. Today, sports have become a way of life, and parents have come to understand the numerous benefits of sports for their children. Not only does sports aid in healthy living, but it also contributes to the holistic development of children.

Sports in schools

Once upon a time, sports and games used to be a form of controlling the energies of young students in public schools, where there were a large number of children and not enough adults to monitor them. At the time, it was once-size-fits-all, with compulsory PE and sports as part of the curricula.

However, with time, sports in education has evolved dramatically and is now associated with healthy living and lifestyle. Schools today encourage the “sportsmen” from a young age, and create an environment for free play as well as structured games.

Image courtesy Kitakids on location

Sports of different kinds

Sports come in different forms, including individual sports, pairing sports, and team sports.

The benefits of sports for preschoolers are numerous. Physically, sports help children develop strong bones, muscles, and overall body coordination. It also helps improve gross and fine motor skills, as well as hand-eye coordination.

Developmentally, sports encourage children to set and achieve goals, as well as learn the importance of practice and hard work.

Psychologically, sports help children learn to control their emotions, channel their negative feelings in a positive way, and build resilience. Children understand early that there are only few winners, and they learn to focus their energies and skills on achieving that goal- even at a time when parents try to include everyone, and reward every child for merely participating.

Socially, sports provide an avenue for children to make friends, learn teamwork, and respect for their opponents and, more importantly respect their authorities. Ever seen a strong, and empathetic coach being disrespected by a team member, even at a very young age? The mystique of “Coach” still lives on, even today.

Moreover, sports are an excellent learning environment for children to learn basic academic skills such as mathematics, science, and English. Through sports, children learn to count scores, measure distances, and communicate with others.

Sports and the role of adults in a child’s life

Adults can also participate and play sports with their child by engaging, interacting, communicating, demonstrating and observing. Simply throwing a ball for a child to catch creates a strong bond between parent and child while providing the opportunity for exercise. Parent-child sports include baseball, basketball, chess, or checkers if you are looking for more complex games to play with the child, as they grow.

Image courtesy Kitakids on location

Sports Day as a school event

Sports Day events are often an eagerly anticipated day for preschoolers. It is a day where they can showcase their skills and accomplishments to their families, friends, and teachers. It is a day where everyone is a winner, and the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship are highlighted.

It could also be the day they win their first medal, and hopefully, start them on the road for many more.

Image from the IBU Sports Day 2022

In conclusion, sports are an essential part of raising children. It is an excellent way for children to stay active, healthy, and develop holistically. Through sports, children learn life skills such as goal setting, resilience, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Parents can also participate in sports with their children, creating a strong bond while promoting exercise. Sports Day events are an excellent way to showcase children's skills while highlighting the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Sports and Kitakids

This article is written with Kitakids, champions of wholesome child-led learning in a collaborative culture of trust and awareness.

Kitakids incorporate games into our outdoor play, classroom activities and extra-curricular activities. Among some examples are football, taekwondo, ballet, bowling, boardgames and many more. They even have a whole month just dedicated to the sports theme and this usually aligns with the Kitakids Annual Sports Day event.

During the first term of school, children at Kitakids dedicated their time to practice in preparation for their annual sports day event that is held every year in March. This year, the bleachers were filled with excited families, there were coffee booths, tents were arranged for the children and the whole field was decorated with flags and balloons. Not only did the Kitakids children gave it their all in competition, but also their parents and teachers.

It’s safe to say that everyone had an absolutely fantastic time and we can’t wait for the next one already. At the end of the day, everyone is a winner!

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