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Making Mothers Day special- gift ideas for everyone

Updated: May 8, 2023

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Which means, you must have been scrambling your head these past few days thinking how I should team up with dad or vice versa to come up with the best Mothers Day gift ever! Here are some ideas... from moms, and from the families we speak with on our IBU Members chats

Idea 1: Free chores pass for a Mothers Day gift

The minds of mothers are usually occupied with the mom load of to-dos from house chores to managing the family to preparing food, all the while maintaining a good mental health to complete those daily routines, whether she is a working or stay at home mom.

It would be a nice treat to get some personal time and be worry free occasionally to go about her day. Sharing here one of the ways to help make a plan:

  • Few days prior: Prepare a Mother’s Day special pass with special wishes and listing options for all the things moms possibly need help with that you can do with minimal supervision (laundry, vacuuming, re-organising kitchen utensils etc). The special pass can be prepared using tools, colour pencils/ crayons you have readily available at home. The best part is you can personalise it to your liking, take the time to unleash that creative mind of yours!

  • On the day itself: Prepare morning coffee and breakfast (ie: pancakes/omelette) for her in bed. Of course, as the other adult in the family, dads/older siblings supervise the cooking.

  • Start the chores before mom can get to it. So she can spend some time in bed, or binging her favourite shows. A change is as good as a holiday!

  • Finish the day by preparing a nice dinner / or eating out with any food that she may pick 😊 Of course don’t forget to take pictures for the grams! And for all of us too, lets celebrate making the day special together!

Idea 2: Flowers and chocolates

Some things never go wrong. A combination that works for every special occasion be it valentine’s day, birthdays, or in this case Mother’s Day.

There are a bunch of flower variations to choose from, with the traditional but evergreen option of roses, and more modern take with tulips or baby breath. The options are endless.

You can also be extra creative with the flower bouquet by adding soft plushies, cupcakes with flower petals fondant, customized balloons, money bouquets and many more! The flowers could then be an additional fresh decoration in your homes. Talking about killing two birds with one stone!

Get creative with the choices. Wrap them up with something hand crafted. Mothers will truly appreciate the effort, as the presentation tells her you appreciate her every day.

Idea 3: Customised photo album / photo frames

Pictures speak a thousand words. A photo album or a photo frame commemorating a mother’s journey from pregnancy till present day will take her on a nostalgic train ride from where it all begins, which will most likely take moms on an emotional roller coaster ride.

Each photo capturing happy moments will bring back cherished memories and has sentimental values and experiences that are unique and deeply personal to you and your family only. I may be biased but to me this is the most thoughtful gift that could be curated for Mother’s Day!

Idea 4: Spa Day

What better way to shower moms with our love by gifting her a self-pampering retreat from head to toe! This can range from facial treatments, massages, manicure and pedicure, hair treatment. Nowadays, there are a plenty of outlets that can provide all these treatments under one roof.

Here are some simple steps to prepare for the day:

  • Do a quick search on outlets that are within proximity to your home offering variety of treatments

  • PS: remember to read the reviews ensuring the services provided are top tier because we don’t want anything less for our queens!

  • Do check out some deals the outlet may have on their social media platform or via a call and pre-book the treatment you would like that is within your budget and voila all set for a relaxing day

  • Remember, while mom gets her time for a little indulgence that day, take the kids out for a fun time. Its not called baby sitting, you are making memories with the children too. Dads are the Vice-Presidents, Entertainment in most homes, so live up to the role.

Idea 5: A short trip in the wilderness

Living in a concrete jungle can be overwhelming with skyscrapers covering the blue skies. Our eyes yearn to look for greeneries and nature scenes. There are plenty of getaways that are less than 2 hours drive away from Klang Valley that could be the perfect nature destination to unwind and be apart from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Nature getaways have been proven to improve your mood and be in full zen mode. Be in the blessings of nature that offers an opportunity for you and your family to discover hidden gems in nature like waterfalls, rivers, flora and fauna as well as be greeted with sun rising among the canopy trees and the birds singing.

Takes away the fatigue of looking at screens all the time, and just make the most of the time together enjoying nature and enjoying each other’s company. After all, the best gift we can offer someone is our time, and quality time with family is something money can’t buy.

Photo ops a-plenty. Relive those memories again, especially when the kids are older.

This picture- Happy smiles at the IBU gardening workshop earlier this year! And the truly amazing part- all the children here are already so much bigger!

Idea 6: Experiencing something new as a family!

Now there is an emergence of experiential workshops learning to create from scratch like candle-making, batik painting etc. We always have something in our bucket list that we want to try something new at least once in our lives. Why not take this time to bring our moms for a fun day out to a bonding session by unleashing the potential we all may have and make something beautiful together!

And you’re in luck, because Ibu will be hosting a Mother’s Day event at The Linc KL on 20th of May. There will be terrarium workshop, dancing class, yoga and much more! Click here to find out more and grab your tickets now, limited seats available.

I hope this article gives you some ideas on what to prepare on the big day. To all mothers who may be reading this, Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for being awesome and wholesome!

~ Yani

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