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IBU Pre loved kids products

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

From toys to books, to clothes and shoes - it’s scary how fast (unused) stuff at home can accumulate sometimes. Most of us here at IBU are trying to be more mindful of our purchases now, and we’ve found a wonderful way to practice conscious shopping while doing good for the environment.

And that’s by… buying and selling preloved items!

IBU Pre loved kids products buy and sell groups

IBU has a fast-growing exclusive WhatsApp chat group for preloved items - where you can find amazing steals. It’s a great (and convenient) community for parents to source needed items from other families who just might be looking to let them go!

The more the merrier, and the greater an impact we can make together, so come on and join in on all the preloved goodness! Here’s the WhatsApp chat links: Kuala Lumpur (our WhatsApp group has reached its limit. For sales in Klang valley, we have now moved to Telegram. Please click Penang

You don’t have to be an IBU member to join this chat group.

P.S. If you are from other parts of Malaysia and would really like to set up a similar preloved group, please reach out to IBU! As a volunteer-run organisation, IBU is always on the lookout for awesome volunteers to join our ranks.

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IBU Preloved to re-loved group rules

With great power comes great responsibility. We do keep the chats free from spam, suspicious deals and commercial sales. Thank you, everyone, for helping us keep the group free from all these, and keep the space useful and meaningful.

Here are some rules

The WhastApp and Teelgram chat groups are selling and buying platforms for baby/family related products only (e.g. kid clothes, toys, baby products, maternity items)

  • This group is NOT for commercial sales or online business sales. This is for personal sales of baby related items you no longer use only

  • Always keep to the purpose - Strictly no scams, no irrelevant chats, discussions or questions allowed in the group chat

  • Keep comments such as ' nice product' to yourself or chat privately

  • Don’t send insensitive or rude messages

  • For messages unrelated to buying/selling, please private message an admin to discuss for permissions

  • Admission or removal of group members is at the discretion of admins

For Sellers

  • Postings allowed - Selling or giving away of kids/maternity related items only.

  • When selling an item, ensure that you share a picture of the actual item, asking price, detail/description (condition, brand etc) and your area (for pick ups).

  • Please limit the frequency of your posts to 5 posts per month or consider combining the items you're selling into a PDF for easy scrolling

  • Delete the item for everyone if the item is sold (providing it's within the timeline to delete)

  • For ISO (in search of) posts, please reply personally to the requestor via private message. This is to avoid spamming the group with unnecessary one-on-one conversations.

For Buyers

  • Postings allowed - ISO (in search of) posts of any items, not necessarily kids/maternity related items.

  • Do not have one-on-one conversations in the group. If you have a question for the seller, switch to private messages.

  • Suggest a public/safe meet up location for pick up. The Admin of this group are not responsible for any in-person transactions or interactions.

  • Bidding is discouraged unless for charity.

  • If you suspect a Seller is being dishonest or improper, please PM Admin with your grievance, but that is only as a warning to keep watch. We trust everyone is an adult here. We cannot force someone to return an item or refund money, we can only remove someone from this group, if justified. However, if you think the used hair dryer you bought for 200 ringgit was a rip off, that is not a grievance. That is your own issue. If there is dissatisfaction with the item purchased, please discuss amicably with the seller.

  • All purchases are final. If there is dissatisfaction with the item purchased, please discuss amicably with the seller

By joining the Telegram/WhatsApp groups, we presume our rules and terms are acceptable to you.

These are just some guidelines when buying and selling on these platforms. However, the Admin are not responsible for any transactions, defective merchandise, incorrect item description, questionable characters, etc. Sell and buy at your own risk. We are not middlemen. We just provide the platform and audience.

Thank you for reading and acknowledging the group guidelines. Happy Selling & Buying! 😊🛍


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