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Benefits of Art Education (And the IBU Art & Crafts Day 2023!)

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Art plays a crucial role in the development of our children - academically as well as emotionally. Read on to learn some of the many benefits to our kids!

"Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves, instead of more like everybody else". ~ Sydney Gurewitz Clemens

How Does Art Benefit Our Children?

Art and Communication

Art is a wonderful medium for children to express their emotions and feelings, even as they learn the words to be able to communicate them. In a world with increased online learning (especially during the pandemic, when they have had to be isolated from their peers), art gives them a non-judgemental space to go to when life can feel overwhelming.

CreaTee Kit's tee shirt creations

Art and Emotional and Mental Development

When your child puts his heart and soul into an art project - and spends hours working on it, cultivating it, and making it beautiful - there is an enormous sense of accomplishment when it’s finally complete.

"Children not only become appreciators of each other’s work but also develop skills of self-reflection in the effort to bring their personal vision to fruition,” says Dory Kanter, an educational consultant and arts/literacy curriculum writer and teaching trainer.

Personally, as an example, I cannot deny the strength and pride I felt every time I sang with the school choir. The feeling of having a purpose, and knowing I could actually be positively good at something - Did it ever feel great!

Art and Self-esteem

Self-esteem increases when a child feels confident in the classroom. Skills learned from studying the arts includes concentration and dedication, which in turn affects classroom values and test scores.

In fact, the National Educational Longitudinal Survey found that students who were highly involved with the arts outperformed less-involved peers, even within low socioeconomic groups.

Chickpeas used to make a construction site! Image via OurPlayDiary Store

Art and Community

Community art programs help introduce your child to new people and experiences. This attachment encourages your child to engage in social and creative activities while feeling part of a larger community. Your child will learn about trust and develop interpersonal skills and friendships.

The writer: Mazura Illani Manshoor from CreaTee Kits

These images: Just some of our activity partners at the IBU Art and Craft Day 2023. A day for our community to enjoy the benefits of creating something, and making memories together.


Save the date, everyone. May 13th, 2023

Venue: KitaKids KLCC, No. 23, Jalan Mayang, off, Jalan Ampang, Kampung Baru, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Time: 13 May, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Join us for a day of art & crafts heaven! Think making a sand art candle, Pom-Pom keychains, designing your own T-shirt with stencils, creating a bath bomb, assembling and painting a Tuk-tuk, designing your own pancake art, and more! 😍


Some awesome activities at the IBU Art and Craft Day

We have a wonderful line up of activities for you. From pom pom keychain making, to canvas painting and slime making, designing your own t-shirts and so much more!

The first 90 attendees to come to the IBU table to say hello on the day will receive a goodie bag from our sponsors Buds Organics, Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara, Astra Family, Mum n Kids Club, Original Sprout and The Shaduos (45 goodie bags each allocated for the AM and PM session).

Psst…Tickets are required for kids only. 😉

Activity partners with fun filled tables

With so many options available, we created several ticket bundles for you to decide which suits you best. Got a budding little artist in the making? Maybe get our bundle of 3 activities for them to spend their whole morning or afternoon enjoying. Have 2-3 kids who all want to do different activities? The bundle of 6 activities is perfect to be shared out amongst them. Perhaps you have only an hour to spare? Then get the single activity option. There's something for everyone! ☺️

We have two different activity classes, Luxe and Premium. Both contain high-value activities, but Luxe has higher material costs due to the nature of the activity.

Luxe activities- choose any one

  • Pom Mom Co: Create your own pom pom key chain with swirls, patches, and confetti designs, florals, hearts, or smileys. If time permits, we will also make beautiful tassels for the keychain. Take home your creation and an additional pom pom making craft kit for FREE!

Pom Mom Co is a craft business specialising in poms poms, tassels and macrame as accessories, for interior decoration, for apparel and bags, pom poms such as durian, kueh kueh, bubble tea, and even cendol pom pom accessories!

  • PlanToys Malaysia: Assemble a Tuk-tuk with wooden loose parts, then draw, paint and decorate your creation with googly eyes, Crayola washable paint and colours!

PlanToys is more than just a toy manufacturer, PlanToys focuses on child development as well as the environment.

Premium activities- choose any 1or 2 or 3 or 6 in combination of 1 luxe activity

  • XTALSEW: Your child will draw their name or a simple design onto a hand towel and then hand stitch their design. Lesson in stitching fully provided!

Christal creates artisan BATIK crafts with unique colour patterns on them, made fully by hand with lots of love and care.

  • CreaTee: Design your own t-shirt using stencils, paints, additional batik fabric, googly eyes and more! Bring home the t-shirt and any leftover materials from your kit to make even more t-shirts at home!

CreaTee is in the business of building emotional intelligence and esteem using the arts through our t-shirt design kit. Part of the proceeds goes into free t-shirt designing workshops for underserved children. Purchases make it possible to reach out to more communities that are in need.

  • Malaysiaclayart: Create your own walking minion with air dry clay in our fun workshop! Learn molding techniques and add fun details on a walking mechanism. No experience needed, just come ready to have fun and get creative!

Malaysia Clay Art is a trusted online supplier for art and craft materials, offering a comprehensive range of tools, mediums, and accessories to meet all of the artistic needs.

  • Private Art Lessons KL: Canvas painting or slime making workshop. [Canvas painting] Have fun exploring your inner Van Gogh with step-by-step acrylic painting on canvas. [Slime making] Get a step-by-step demonstration on how to make 4 different types of slime! We will experiment with texture, colour and effects to make basic, float, crunchy, and butter slime. (Canvas painting slots: 10AM, 3PM & 4PM. Slime making slots: 11AM & 2PM - slots allocated on a first come first served basis)

Provider of private art lessons to kids, adults & senior citizens.

  • LaxyJoy: Make bath time fun with fizzles, sizzles, scents and colours. Participants will choose their favourite scents and two colours to make two of their own bath bombs. All ingredients are food & cosmetic grade.

LaxyJoy was founded by two good friends who love handmade products and enjoy life.

  • OurPlayDiary Store: Glue and thread to create your own Rainbow Mobile! Participants will stick on fluffy cotton clouds and thread on rainbow-coloured pasta to create a hanging mobile for their room.

OurPlayDiary Store provides Handmade Sensory Play Materials for children. Giving children an opportunity to express themselves through play by activating their senses.

  • Do Your Craft DIY: Create your own drip bear keychain using your favourite colours and patterns! Next, choose an accessory (hair clip/comb), your favourite cream gel colour and the decorations to stick on it. Cute and functional, your kid will be able to show off their keychain artwork on their school bag, as well as use the hairclip for their hair. (Choose amongst 4 options: (1. 6pcs DIY cream glue hairclip 2. Bear keychain + 2pcs DIY cream glue hairclip 3. Bear keychain x2 4. DIY cream glue comb)

The one year old brand was originally called 'Do Your Craft' with the hope that everyone , be they children, adults, or old people, can make a work of art of their own.

  • XOXO: Eat your art! Draw and design using coloured pancake batter - we will cook it and your child can enjoy eating their creation!

XOXO provides art activities for kids or even adults. It is a combination of art and food.

  • Kléo Scents Lab: Use natural plant wax (in bead form resembling sand) to create art and a candle in the process - no melting needed! The wax is infused with the colours & scent of your choice. Ready to be lit anytime after arranging the wax just the way your inner artist likes it!

Kléo Scents Lab is the brainchild of two Malaysian chemists who have created a handmade aromatherapy candle brand, established in 2022.

Kléo Scents Lab offers Sand Art Candle making workshop at the IBU Art and Crafts Day

And for our little under 3-yr-olds to enjoy while their elder siblings are busy crafting their works of art, we have:

Play 0 Clock: Indulge in all the fun messy play with rainbow and vehicle-themed sensory play!

What’s For Fun: Get creative with soft, nonsticky, taste-safe playdough homemade by IBU volunteer Shobana. Purchase your playdough (stored in airtight plastic jars) and bring them home OR play on the spot with our playdough tools and cutter, on our colorful and fun playmats!

KitaKids will also be providing a fun and easy pressed flower bookmark activity for kids, which is free of charge.

PlanToys pull along Musical Bear

Merchandise partners with a range for sale

Atom & The Dot: Atom & the Dot brings easy and fun activities to spark your child’s interest to explore the world.

Atom & The Dot Light Up Dough

Lil Flying Turtle: We represent the multi award winning Australian brand - We Might Be Tiny, WMBT is a well-loved household brand specializes in premium food grade silicone children tableware famous for not just its aesthetic but for their functionality. 2 highly sought after products are Poddies and Stampies.

Omo Omo Sticker Shop X Chuangyidian: Get all the favourite stickers, journal kit and stationery you like! Free gift for every purchase.

Yumie House: Korean style hair accessories & crystal bracelets.

Food and beverages

Bengbeng Sourdough: All breads are made of sourdough starter - which means no commercial yeast in the process of making them. This will allow slow fermentation which results in great flavour and texture in all breads. Add on coffee for RM5 with food purchase.

Pandalicious: Delicious puffs & tarts!

UnicornShake: UnicornShake sells drinks with cotton candy, cotton candy on stick and corndog. These drinks are toppped with cotton candy which looks Instagrammable.


Fee structure:

There are five ticket options for each session:

  • Bundle A : 1 Luxe Activity + 1 Premium @ RM215

  • Bundle B : 1 Luxe and 2 Premium Activities @ RM265

  • Bundle C : 3 Premium Activities @ RM245

  • Bundle D : 6 Premium Activities @ RM415

  • Bundle E: 1 Premium Activity @ RM85

Pssst- if you have read this far, we also share a secret. There are exciting contests and giveaways with gifts of over RM1000 to be won. Look out for the contest details on our social media pages on 2nd of May.


🏆Grand prize: Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara voucher for RM398 screening and a Balancing Tree Animal set from Malaysia Toys worth RM175

🏅2nd prize: PlanToys pull along musical bear (worth RM270)

🏅3rd prize: PlanToys rubber road rail set (worth RM202)

🏅4th prize: PlanToys Secret Agent playset (worth RM 180)

Also, to remember

- There are 90 welcome goodie bags worth RM90 (each purchase is entitled to one bag). Please redeem this on event day (45 bags each are allocated for the AM and PM session).

- IBU members enjoy 30% off the ticket prices. Remember to log into your account first before you check out your shopping cart. ☺️

- All activities are suited for kids between 3-12 yrs old, unless specifically stated.

- This is a parent-accompanied event. It is up to your own discretion to if your under-3 wants to join the activities.

Our Sponsors

Gold Sponsors:

Buds Organics: The Certified Organic Skincare Specialist for Babies, Kids & Moms.

Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara: A multidisciplinary tertiary hospital equipped with 308 beds, 34 critical care beds and 10 operating theatres. It has over 120 consultant specialists in more than 50 specialties and subspecialties.

Astra Family: bringing the best parenting experience to expecting and existing parents of newborn and young children, through their vast selection and collection of high-quality products, accessible platforms and expert guidance. This time, Astra Family joins us with the Kraftee and Bubs brands 😍!

Mum n Kids: A Preschool Daycare, Afterschool Enrichment, Adults Art Workshops, Corporate Events and Birthday Parties.

Original Sprout: The founder, being a master stylist with professional experience and a mother, created the first of its kind, ultra-moisturizing natural baby bath & styling products. That culminated into Original Sprout, a globally trusted natural family brand.

Bronze Sponsors:

The Shaduos: Shasha is a stay-at-home mum of two toddlers, who loves sharing her motherhood experiences! An early childhood education graduate, she created The Shaduos as a way of making and sharing fun DIY activities for toddlers.

PlanToys Malaysia: By focusing on child safety and age milestones during design and production, our wooden toys enhance both physical and cognitive development.

Venue Sponsor:

Kitakids: Kitakids is all about the children: from the child-friendly menu to the carefully designed programmes to the purpose built facilities - everything has been lovingly crafted to give your child the best education and care.

Update: the day may be over, but the memories live long. To see our gallery of photos, click here

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